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The following terms & conditions for warranties offered by Iron Daisy do not affect your statutory rights and comply with the Consumer Rights Act 2015:

Warranties - Applies to All Items Purchased (not taken as free items)

1. Unless otherwise stated on the price label for each item; the warranty period for items costing between £75~£150 is three months and items costing over £150 are covered by a six month warranty. The warranty is based on the price displayed on the price label for each item, excluding any delivery or storage or other charges. Purchasing two items at £75 each (£150 invoice total) will mean there is a three month warranty on each item - not six months. Most large household appliances will be supplied with a 6 month warranty free of charge and this is always shown on the label and on your receipt and doesn't imply other goods will have extended warranties included in their purchase price. The standard three and six month warranties, and any free extended warranty displayed on the stock label and online database is dependent upon paying the full ticket price. If you negotiate a discount then the maximum warranty period is one month.

2. A full refund will only be made within the first 30 days from the date of sale/delivery, but a collection charge will apply if you took the item away yourself and want us to collect it. A collection charge is not made if we delivered the item to you and after it has been checked is proven to be faulty. For the remaining period of the warranty we will either fix or replace the item and guarantee to have the matter resolved within two working days. A Partial refund may be given for a faulty appliance if we are unable, or the customer does not want us to provide a similar replacement. This will be the full sale price, less an amount based on the weekly rental for the appliance from the date of sale/delivery to the date the fault is reported. This may only be refunded after the appliance has been examined to rule out any damage or use not covered by the warranty.

3. The warranty could be void or only a partial warranty will be applicable if the items have been damaged and/or parts are missing. New/Unused and packaged items cannot be returned unless they are defective, and all packaging must be returned with them otherwise a refund or swap out may not be possible.

4. The warranty only extends to the price you pay for the item and does not cover any consequential losses. Examples of consequential losses are loss of food with fridge/freezer breakdown, water or other damage, cost of calling tradesmen out, loss of earnings dealing with the matter, cost of hiring alternative equipment, etc. This list is not exhaustive.

5. We can send an engineer (if applicable) or swap-out/collect items under warranty from our Zone 1 and Zone 2 areas of operation. We will endeavour to do this the same or next working day. However, we can only swap-out or collect items under warranty if we originally delivered the items, to the address they are currently located at. We cannot provide any support if you live outside of our Zone 2 operation area and you will need to return the item to us at your expense to receive a repair (where applicable), refund or swap-out.

6. Before you call us for support you should ensure the item is actually faulty, e.g. it has been connected to the mains electric, water or gas correctly, there are no plumbing issues, cooker electronic timers have been set, etc. You will be charged for a call-out fee and engineer costs if no fault is found - fees for this range between £15 to £75 depending on the type of item and its size and your location and if you want a refund checking the item could cause a delay of up to 14 days. It is probably worth noting that 97.4% of our warranty call-outs between 2011 and 2014 were as a result of washing machines or dishwashers being incorrectly plumbed in, not faults with the actual appliances!

7. It's your responsibility to check items as soon as you have taken delivery of them, and before the warranty period expires and report any issue. We cannot process claims outside the warranty period, or any partial refunds on the basis that the item "hasn't been used" or "has been in storage", etc.

8. A refund or exchange cannot be given where an item works perfectly well but has run out of consumables. Examples of this are where a vacuum cleaner requires a new bag, printers need more ink/toner, etc.

9. Items sold for commercial purposes (including to Traders) are only covered by a one month (30 day) warranty regardless of the amount paid for them or any other warranty period described on the product label.

10. We take every care to ensure items we acquire are not stolen and such instances are extremely rare. However, should we sell you an item that later is proven as being stolen we will refund you in full, for up to six years from the date of sale/delivery. Proof of purchase will be required as will proof of theft, which must be a Police crime reference number and the theft must have been reported at the time, prior to you purchasing it from us, with corresponding serial number(s) where applicable. We cannot process a refund without adequate proof the item was stolen, nor where the theft was reported retrospectively and only after the item had been "found" in your possession. Unclaimed items we purchased from local Police forces are excluded as Legal ownership would have passed to us when we acquired the goods for resale.

11. A refund will not include any delivery charge, unless a fault is reported with the item but a full refund will not be made until the item has been checked to ensure it is faulty and has not been damaged, has missing parts and/or has suffered excessive wear and tear.

12. The warranty period starts from the date of sale, or the date we delivered the item to you. If you receive a replacement product during the warranty period then this replacement item is still covered by the original warranty period of the item it is replacing.

13. Where a faulty appliance is being swapped out under warranty you must ensure it is disconnected from the mains supply before our staff arrive to collect it. This will include washing machines, dishwashers, electric cookers, gas appliances, etc. or any other item attached to your mains water, electric or gas supplies. You should note that in most cases a Gas Safe registered engineer will be required to correctly de-install a gas appliance.

14. We have a wide variety of stock and whilst we have built up a considerable skills base over the years, we are not experts in everything we get. Therefore, we may not be able to provide any advice or guidance on how to operate any second-hand item we are selling, nor any details regarding the authenticity of collect-able items, etc. Whilst we thoroughly test appliances and other electrical goods, as well as motorised items, we only do some preparation on other items, but this usually only extends to cleaning, especially furniture. We don't repair faulty furniture or other non-appliance stock items, nor do any modifications. Items are sold in the same physical condition as we received them in - they are what they are. We follow the basic principle that if you don't know what it is, or aren't sure how to use it then you shouldn't buy it.

Deliveries - Applies to All Deliveries we make (Free or Purchased Items)

1. All delivery charges cover up to 5 large items (sofas, washing machines, etc.) and/or 25 small items (small tables, mirrors, etc.) at your address, with reasonable movement of the items from our vehicle to your door. Additional charges may apply for excess items.

2. Drop off deliveries do not include taking items upstairs or awkward movements such as over fences, or carrying the goods over an unreasonable distance (more than 100 yards), etc. If you opt for a drop-off delivery then it is your responsibility to have made arrangements for someone to assist you to put the items where you want them in your property. If you require us to do this for you then you need to opt for a two person delivery. With a two person delivery team we can also carry items upstairs, but an additional charge may be applicable for large and/or heavy items going up three or more flights of stairs. However, and regardless of the type of delivery, we will not proceed if there is a risk of personal injury to staff or others, and/or a risk of damaging property.

3. Where a single delivery person is assisting you take items into your home, office or other building after you opted for a drop-off delivery then this is done so in the interests of good customer relations and at no time is Iron Daisy or its employees responsible for any damage caused to the item(s) being delivered or any other property.

4. For safety reasons, on some occasions we will have to perform a 2 person delivery regardless of whether or not someone is able to assist at the delivery address. Typically this is for large and/or fragile items such as larger than average fridge freezers, glass display cabinets, etc.

5. We will not deliver items marked as "not for home use" to residential addresses. Typically these are soft furnishings intended for office use, or anywhere that isn't residential (where people reside and sleep, etc.) and may not always have the necessary fire safety labels to confirm they meet safety standards.

6. We cannot carry out a delivery where there is inadequate parking and we risk having a parking fine, etc. or having our vehicle blocked in, damaged or otherwise causing a serious obstruction to other road users and/or pedestrians.

7. We may make an additional charge where you were not in to receive goods being delivered during the time period agreed. Conversely, if we are unable to reach you during the agreed time period we will refund your delivery charge in full; the only exception to this is during adverse weather conditions or other situation totally out of our control, such as our exit road being closed by the emergency services, etc.

8. It is your responsibility to ensure large, bulky items can fit into your property. The delivery charge does not include dismantling and/or reassembly of any item, nor the moving of any furniture or other items in your property to accommodate the item being delivered. If we deliver an item and then have to take it away again (because it won't fit into your property, or for any reason) then any refund will be less a £15 removal and administration fee.

9. If a refund is made on an item this will not include any delivery charge unless a fault is reported with the item, as per Warranties section, Item #11. Non-Collected Items Items paid for in full but not collected within 28 days (7 days if a discount has been given, or for a trade sale) may be put back on sale and the money you paid refunded on request, less an admin/storage fee. Refunds will have to be claimed within 3 months from the date of sale otherwise it will be donated to the MS Society charity. However, we can arrange storage of these items at a charge depending on the size of the item. Free items must be taken immediately or a delivery arranged and paid for otherwise they will be put back on the shop floor as they must go on a first come first served basis and cannot be reserved.

Refund Payments

1. You must retain your receipt and produce this to obtain a refund. We may not be able to process a refund transaction if you are not able to show us your receipt - this is your proof of purchase and should be retained.

2. A full refund will only be made for faulty goods, and only after we have checked them to ensure they are faulty, have not been tampered with and have no components missing. Cancellation charges will be applicable if you change your mind and do not wish to proceed with the purchase before the goods are removed from our warehouse. Where the goods have already been delivered the original delivery charge will not be refunded and a collection and administration fee will also be deducted from your refund. Further charges may be deducted if the goods are not in the same condition as when delivered. If the item was new then it must be returned in its original packaging otherwise the goods will be seen as "reduced in value" and a refund may not be possible.

3. Distance selling rules: Please refer to our RETURNS POLICY.

4. We will not reimburse any costs incurred by you, such as engineers, couriers or others, or any consequential losses. The refund process only covers the actual cost of the goods, and the delivery charge in the case of faulty goods.

5. A refund for returned goods will only be paid to the credit or debit card, or bank account the original payment was made from. A cash refund will only be made where the original transaction was paid with cash.

6. Whilst we will do a Card refund immediately, it could take 3-5 days to be processed through the banking system before the funds are available for use again. Refunds paid directly to your bank account should be available either immediately or at the start of the next banking day, depending where you bank.