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All items we have in our warehouse are gained through our waste removal and house clearance service. Each year we save thousands of items for reuse and every day we get good things in that could be reused. We used to sell them but these days we just focus on selling the higher value items that have been used to offset what we charge for clearances. Everything else is given away for FREE, and there's lots of interesting stuff. We never really know what we'll get on our vans each day! We're a totally unique retailer as most of our stock is given away for absolutely free and if we all reuse as much as we can then we will all help the world be a better place. But please respect the few rules we have in place...

We like to keep things simple, but there are a few rules:
1. Higher value items (current threshold is £75 and over), our racking, sofa racks, sack barrows and display units, etc. are not free and should not be taken. If in doubt then please ask a member of staff.

2. Items with 'SOLD' stickers are awaiting delivery and cannot be taken.

3. We cannot reserve stock. It is first come first served. You can only reserve things where you have paid for a delivery.

4. Nothing put on the floor for FREE will be cleaned and whilst we won't put heavily soiled items out some things that can be easily cleaned will be put out. Please note that higher valued items that you pay for will always be thoroughly cleaned.

5. For your safety electrical items will be tested.

6. We DO NOT accept 'donations'. Only items we gain during our recycling business activities are put in our warehouse. If you have items to dispose of then please book a collection through

We support the MS Society charity so if you feel you've got a real bargain then please make a small donation in the charity box situated on the counter. Anything you give will be greatly appreciated.